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The Electrical Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s traffic signal and street lighting systems. To report a street light that has burned out, call Public Works at 992-4500 and report the problem to our dispatcher. Street light replacement work is generally held until a group of repairs can be made at the same time. As a result, please allow for a few days for the repair to be made.

Click here to report a street light that is out.

The City has an adopted policy governing the location of street lights. They are generally installed at intersections and on every other utility pole in heavily developed areas and every third to fourth pole in more rural areas. Requests for a street light should be made in writing to the Public Works Department, 530 Maine Avenue, Bangor 04401. Requests are reviewed against the City’s placement policy. Special consideration may be given to unusual circumstances after review with the Chief of Police and City Engineer.

To report a traffic signal that is malfunctioning, please call the Public Works Dispatcher at 992-4500. The City is regularly in the process of upgrading its traffic signal systems to make use of today’s computerized technology. Upgrades are currently under design for the downtown traffic control system. Many intersections are traffic controlled through the use of systems that recognize the presence of vehicles and activate the signal cycle. Some of these systems use video cameras. These cameras are solely for the purpose of traffic system control.

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