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2020 Spring Cleanup Information

The preferred method of disposing of brush, yard waste, and leaves is to bring them to the organic disposal site at the Public Works facility at 530 Maine Avenue. A permit is required and can be obtained at no charge to Bangor residents at the Public Works office.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Public Works will not be issuing new permits until deemed safe to do so. Public Works crews will be doing spot registration checks and any non-Bangor resident will be turned away.

Update 5/11/20
Spring Clean Up continues to progress slowly. Public Works asks for patience as they make their way through the city. It takes about 30 days to go through the entire city for Spring Clean Up, possibly longer because of the April 10th storm.

As of 5/11/20, brush pickup for the following streets have been completed. Once a street is marked as complete, any brush or leaves brought to the side of the road will have to brought to Public Works by the property owner. Public Works will not send a vehicle through that area again after completion.


Street Name Date Completed Street Name  Date Completed
Alder Lane 5/6/20 Hemlock Street 5/5/20
Apple Lane 5/6/20 Hempstead Avenue 5/6/20
Aspen Street 5/5/20 High Street 5/4/20
Autumn Street 5/6/20 Highland Avenue 5/6/20
Bailey Street 5/4/20 Holland Street 5/6/20
Barker Street 4/28/20 Howard Street 5/6/20
Bates Street 5/6/20 Hubbard Street 5/5/20
Beecher Park 5/6/20 Hutchinson Street 5/4/20
Birch Street 5/6/20 Jackson Street 5/6/20
Birchwood Avenue 5/6/20 James Street 5/6/20
Blue Hill E 5/7/20 Juniper Street 5/5/20
Blue Hill W 5/7/20 Kira Drive 5/6/20
Boutelle Road 5/5/20 Kossuth Street 5/6/20
Bower Street 5/4/20 Larkin Street 4/29/20
Boynton Street 5/4/20 Leonard Street 5/4/20
Brentwood Avenue 5/6/20 Lincoln Street 4/29/20
Brighton Avenue 5/6/20 Maple Street 5/7/20
Buck Street 4/29/20 March Street 5/5/20
Bunker Lane 5/8/20 Maxwell Lane 5/5/20
Cardinal Way 5/6/20 Mildred Avenue 5/6/20
Catell Street 5/5/20 Nason Avenue 5/4/20
Charles Street 5/6/20 Nelson Street 5/4/20
Chatham Street 5/4/20 New York Street 5/5/20
Cherry Lane 5/6/20 Odlin Road 5/5/20
Cottage Street 5/6/20 Ohio Street 5/5/20
Court Street 5/4/20 Palm Street 5/7/20
Dana Drive 5/6/20 Parkview Avenue 5/7/20
Dartmouth Street 5/6/20 Patten Street 4/30/20
Davis Court 4/28/20 Peach Lane 5/6/20
Davis Road 5/6/20 Pearl Street 5/5/20
Dayton Street 5/5/20 Pine Ledge Road 5/8/20
Dillingham Street 5/5/20 Pond Street 4/28/20
Doe Drive 5/6/20 Saratoga Avenue 5/6/20
Downing Road 5/7/20 Seventeenth Street 5/4/20
Drew Lane 5/6/20 Sidney Street 4/29/20
Dunning Boulevard 4/28/20 Silver Road 5/4/20
Eighteenth Street 5/5/20 Sixteenth Street 5/4/20
Everett Street 5/4/20 Sixth Street 4/30/20
Fawn Court 5/6/20 Smith Street 5/6/20
Fern Street 5/5/20 Starling Drive 5/6/20
Fifth Street 4/30/20 Sunny Hollow Place 5/6/20
First Street 4/28/20 Third Street 4/30/20
Fremont Court 5/6/20 Thomas Hill Road 5/6/20
Fremont Street 5/6/20 Union Street 4/29/20
Fruit Street 5/5/20 Vine Street 4/29/20
George Street 5/4/20 Walter Street 4/30/20
Glencove Avenue 5/6/20 Wellesley Way 5/6/20
Harthorn Avenue 4/29/20 West Broadway 4/28/20
Harvard Street 5/6/20 Westland Street 5/5/20
Hayward Street 4/28/20 Winter Street 5/6/20
    Yale Street 5/5/20
    Yankee Avenue 5/6/20

 LEAVES WILL BE PICKED UP CURBSIDE. Please keep leaf and brush piles separate. Leaves must be placed on the edge of the road and should not have rocks, branches, or other yard waste mixed in. Crews will be making one pass only through the city for leaves. If your piles are not out by 6:30 a.m. on Monday, April 27, 2020, they will not get picked up. Leaves can also be brought to Public Works at 530 Maine Avenue during daylight hours. A permit is required.

BRUSH WILL BE PICKED UP CURBSIDE. Brush should be placed curbside no later than 6:30 a.m. on Monday, April 27, 2020. Brush placed curbside late will not be picked up. Please place brush parallel to the curb away from low-hanging wires and rubbish containers. Brush can also be brought to Public Works during daylight hours. A permit is required.

METAL ITEMS WILL BE PICKED UP CURBSIDE. Metal items must be placed curbside no later than 6:30 a.m. on Monday, April 27, 2020. No items containing Freon, no televisions, and no computer monitors please.

UNIVERSAL WASTE and electronic waste such as televisions, monitors, light bulbs, and other computer components will not be picked up. They may be taken to Electronics End at 173 Robertson Boulevard in Brewer. Call 207-922-2094 before taking your items there. 

Bulky items such as furniture and demo debris may be taken directly to the Pine Tree Waste facility in Hampden. This is not a free service and residents will be asked to pay for disposed of materials based on weight. For directions to this facility, a list of acceptable material, fee schedules, and hours of operation, please visit our Bulky Waste and Demolition Debris page here.