Bangor City Hall
73 Harlow Street, Bangor, ME 04401


Business Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Curbside Trash & Recycling Collection

Beginning September 2, 2019, the City of Bangor will consolidate its curbside trash and recycling pickup to a weekly "one bin all in" approach. Residents should put all waste and recyclables in the same bags, bins, and cans. Curbside collection will happen on your regular curbside trash pickup day.

The City of Bangor will begin sending all curbside trash and recycling to the Coastal Resources of Maine's new facility in Hampden. In line with Bangor's efforts to be more green, clean, and environmentally sound, the Coastal Resources facility will recover wasted materials within the waste stream, upgrade them, and market the new value-added products as commodities. Bangor's recycling efforts will more than double with this new facility. 

The new facility offers solutions for plastics, paper, metals, cardboard, glass, and textiles, as well as recovering and converting virtually all discarded food waste into biofuel and other beneficial use materials. Bangor's rate of recycling will increase, even though citizens will no longer have to sort trash and recycling at the curb. 

For more information on Coastal's Next Generation Recycling Process, please visit their website.

Curbside Pickup Map: What Day Is Your Trash & Recycling Picked Up?

Click here to find out when your trash/recycling are picked up curbside!

Per the City ordinance for curbside trash/recycling collection (beginning September 2, 2019):

  • Five 32-Gallon Bag Limit (30 pounds per bag)
    This is a five 32-gallon bag equivalency. Smaller bags of dog poop, wastepaper basket bags, and small kitchen garbage bags should be consolidated into larger garbage bags or into your bins/cans. No need to sort trash and recycling - everything can go into the same bag. Bags can be placed in the bin/can of your choice; use your existing trash bins or recycling bins.
  • Cardboard: must be broken down
    Bulky cardboard can be broken down and neatly stacked/piled/bundled next to trash cans for pickup.
  • No Yard Waste
    Brush, branches, leaves, potting plants and soil, and other yard waste can be brought to the Public Works compound at 530 Maine Avenue, Monday - Sunday during daylight hours. Public Works also picks up leaves during Fall Leaf Collection and brush and leaves during Spring Cleanup. Details on those curbside pickup periods are posted here on our website each Fall and Spring.
  • No Demolition Debris or Bulky Waste
    All construction/demolition debris can be dropped off at the Pine Tree Landfill in Hampden. For more details on acceptable items, directions, and hours of operation, visit our Disposal of Bulky Waste & Demolition Debris page here.
  • No Tires
    Tires can be taken to VIP Tires & Service in Bangor; DM&J in Winterport; and BDS in Norridgewock. 

Household garbage collection is provided on a WEEKLY basis. The City contracts with a private firm for this service. It is available to all residential properties in the City with four or fewer residences.

Yard Waste, Branches, and Tree Limbs

The Department also offers Bangor residents the opportunity to drop off yard waste, branches, and tree limbs. This material is accepted at Bangor Public Works, 530 Maine Avenue, from 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Please check in at the dispatch office just beyond the entry gate before depositing material.


Observed Holidays – No Trash / Recycling will be collected on these days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

If your regular collection day occurs on a day before the holiday, your rubbish/recycling will be collected on its regular day.

If your regular collection occurs on one of the observed holidays, your rubbish/recycling will be collected the next day.

If your regular collection occurs after a holiday, your rubbish/recycling will be collected one day later than normal.

Drop Off Yard Waste at Public Works

Public Works offers Bangor residents the opportunity to drop off yard waste, branches, and tree limbs. This material is accepted at Bangor Public Works, 530 Maine Avenue, from sunrise to sunset, 7 days per week. A permit is required in order to drop off yard waste and other organic materials. Permits are free to Bangor residents/property owners/businesses located in Bangor. Permits can be obtained from the Bangor Public Works main office located at 530 Maine Avenue during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm. Residents should bring in their vehicle registration for the vehicle they plan on using to haul debris. For vehicles not registered in Bangor, a copy of a tax bill is required to confirm residency.

There is a fee schedule for non-Bangor residents who wish to drop off yard waste and other organic debris at Bangor Public Works.

Organic Waste Fee Schedule for Non-Bangor Residents

Month Fee
July $100
August $100
September $100
October $90
November $80
December $70
January $60
February $50
March $40
April $30
May $20
June $10


For questions about curbside trash collection, please call Casella at 862-7111