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Trash & Recycling Collection

Please note: Week ending 9/11/2021- Normal trash collection days will be pushed back one day this week due to the Monday holiday. Monday collection will be on Tuesday, Tuesday collection on Wednesday, and so on, with Friday collection to take place on Saturday. Please put your bin out no later than 6:30am.


Curbside Trash Collection

Residential curbside trash and recycling is picked up by automated side-load trucks. All of your household's trash and recycling go into your 96-gallon trash bin, which is provided to you by the City and is tagged with a unique code that corresponds to your address. 

Find your trash collection day here. 

Please put your bin out no later than 6:30am on the scheduled day for pickup.

Schedule changes will be announced on the City's Facebook and Twitter pages. Citizens can sign up for email notifications by visiting and scrolling down to select "Curbside Trash Collection Notifications."

PLEASE NOTE: If you move from your current address in Bangor, please leave your trash bin at your old address. Trash bins are tagged with unique numbers that correspond to each street address. In addition, if you did pay for an additional bin and move from your current address to a new address in Bangor, you may take that with you — but please call or email Public Works with the serial number of the bin so that we can update our records. 

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the new bins and automated pickup, click here

All trash and recycling can go into your bin. Please break down cardboard and plastic as best as you can to create room. Please do not pack your bin so tightly that the contents will not fall out when it is tipped upside-down by the automated trucks. 

No Yard Waste. Brush, branches, leaves, potting plants and soil, and other yard waste can be brought to the Public Works compound at 530 Maine Avenue, Monday through Sunday, during daylight hours.

No Demolition Debris or Bulky Waste. All construction/demolition debris can be dropped off at the Pine Tree Landfill in Hampden. For more details on acceptable items, directions, and hours of operation, visit our Disposal of Bulky Waste & Demolition Debris page here.

No Tires. Tires can be taken to VIP Tires & Service in Bangor; DM&J in Winterport; and BDS in Norridgewock. 

Curbside Pickup Map: What Day Is Your Trash & Recycling Picked Up?

Click here to find out when your trash/recycling are picked up curbside!

Please put your bin out no later than 6:30am on the scheduled day for pickup.

Observed Holidays – No Trash / Recycling will be collected on these days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

If your regular collection day occurs on a day before the holiday, your rubbish/recycling will be collected on its regular day.

If your regular collection occurs on one of the observed holidays, your rubbish/recycling will be collected the next day.

If your regular collection occurs after a holiday, your rubbish/recycling will be collected one day later than normal.

Please put your bin out no later than 6:30am on the scheduled day for pickup.

Disposing of Cardboard

Residents can drop off clean waste cardboard for recycling at Public Works. Material is accepted at 530 Maine Avenue, from sunrise to sunset, 7 days per week. Cardboard must be broken down in order to fit in the dumpster. Cardboard that is soiled with food, grease, oil, or filled with packing materials (packing peanuts, styrofoam, plastic) will not be accepted. These will contaminate a load and prevent it from being recycled. Only Bangor resident household cardboard can be disposed of in these dumpsters- business waste is NOT permitted and non-resident cardboard is NOT permitted.


Drop Off Yard Waste at Public Works

Public Works offers Bangor residents the opportunity to drop off yard waste, branches, and tree limbs. This material is accepted at Bangor Public Works, 530 Maine Avenue, from sunrise to sunset, 7 days per week. A permit is required in order to drop off yard waste and other organic materials. Permits are free to Bangor residents/property owners/businesses located in Bangor. Permits can be obtained from the Bangor Public Works main office located at 530 Maine Avenue during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm. Residents should bring in their vehicle registration for the vehicle they plan on using to haul debris. For vehicles not registered in Bangor, a copy of a tax bill is required to confirm residency.

Those who do not live in Bangor will not be permitted to drop off brush at Public Works. There is a fee schedule for non-Bangor residents who wish to drop off yard waste and other organic debris (this does not include brush) at Bangor Public Works.

Organic Waste Fee Schedule for Non-Bangor Residents

Month Fee
July $100
August $100
September $100
October $90
November $80
December $70
January $60
February $50
March $40
April $30
May $20
June $10

Application for Solid Waste Hauler’s License

FY 2021

FY 2022

Completed applications and fees can be paid in person at, or mailed to:
City of Bangor – Public Works
530 Maine Ave
Bangor, ME 04401
(207) 992-4500


For questions about curbside trash collection, please call Casella at 207-862-7111