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Political Party Enrollment

There are currently four official political parties in the State of Maine - Democratic, Green-Independent, Libertarian and Republican. Registered voters may enroll in one of these political parties. Other parties currently seeking status in the State of Maine: Forward, No Labels, People's. Voters may enroll in these parties at this time.

Residents who wish to register to vote do not have to select a political party. Voters can be registered to vote, but do not have to be enrolled in a political party.  

If you are enrolled in a political party and wish to change to a different party, you must make that change at least fifteen (15) days before the primary or party caucus to be eligible to vote or participate. Once enrolled in a party, you must stay in that party for at least three months.

The employees in the Bangor City Clerk's Office cannot answer questions for citizens regarding the purposes and objectives of these political parties. Bangor voters with questions regarding activities of the local political parties are encouraged to contact their local party chairperson or to click on the following links for additional information about each political party:

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