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Programs & Services

Special Enforcement Team

The Special Enforcement Team was originally established in 2004 in order to deal with “quality of life issues” affecting the City of Bangor which have been difficult to deal with using traditional...

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Crisis Intervention Team

Overview: In 1988, the Memphis Police Department joined in partnership with the Memphis chapter of the Alliance for the Mentally Ill, mental health providers and two local universities in organizing,...

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Bomb Squad/Explosive Detection K-9 Unit

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit, now known at the Bomb Squad, is equipped with  full range of sophisticated equipment, including a robot.  The team  is trained in the use of advanced technology...

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Bangor Police K9 Program

K9 Program

The Bangor Police Department K9 program was established in 1974. We presently are staffed with two K9 teams utilizing German Sheperds. The teams are assigned to the patrol division and respond to routine...

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Police Museum

Police Museum

The Bangor Police Department museum contains hundreds of authentic police items dating back to the 1700's. Special displays include mannequins dressed in actual uniforms, a scrapbook...

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Public Information Officer

In 2007 the Bangor Police Department created the position of Public Information Officer (PIO) The PIO serves as a liaison between the police department and all media outlets. Although most often...

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Housing Authority Liaison

The Bangor Police Department, in conjunction with the Bangor Housing Authority, developed a program where a police officer would work..

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Community Relations Officer

The Community Relations Officer (CRO) position is viewed as an extension of the Community Policing Philosophy within the community at large. The CRO is expected to serve as a resource for all...

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Alzheimer and Eldercare Services

If you are responsible for a person who is an Alzheimer or Eldercare patient who lives in, or frequently visits Bangor, you may be interested in this service. The Bangor Police Department will put...

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Landowner - Land User Courtesy Card

If you wish to use private property for recreational purposes, we encourage you to utilize this downloadable landowner – land user courtesy card which was developed through the Recreational Access and...

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