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Automated Curbside Garbage & Recycling Collection - Frequently Asked Questions


Automated Curbside Collection - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I mix my trash and recycling together?
Yes, please mix both trash and recycling together in your bin. Plastic containers should be compressed if possible, and cardboard broken down and flattened. Bulkier items such as cardboard do not need to be bagged, but they must be placed inside the bin.

Can I still place broken-down cardboard next to the bin?
No. All trash and recycling, whether bagged up or not, must go inside the bin. There is not a worker outside the truck to collect anything that is not in the bin. 

Will there still be a five-bag limit or weight limit?
The bag and weight limits of the past have been enforced for the safety of the workers picking up the bags. The automated side-load arm on the new trucks can lift heavier trash bins. As long as your trash and recycling fit inside the bin, you are good to go.

I live in a multi-unit building. Do we each get our own bin?
Yes, each household receives a 96-gallon bin. If there are three apartments in your building, then your building will receive three bins. Building with more than four units must contract privately for trash and recycling collection.

What if my household needs more than one bin?
These bins are very large and exceed the weekly average output of Bangor households. Crews will also make an additional run during peak holiday season. That said, additional 96-gallon bins are available for $260 each year, which averages out to $5/week. The fee covers the cost of the extra trash generated as well as the cost of service and maintenance for the bin. Call Public Works at 207-992-4500 for more information. We are working out a fee structure for additional bins and will have more info soon. 

Do the bins need to be placed curbside in a certain way for the automated system?
Yes, the front of the bin should face the street. The bins are clearly marked with placement directions.

Can I paint, draw, or write on my bin?
You may put a label with your address on the lid, or you may write your address or apartment number on the lid with a paint marker or permanent marker. Make sure you do this only on the lid. Do not write, paint, or affix anything on the body of the bin.

How will the bins be marked? What happens if they get damaged?
Your bin is tagged with a code that corresponds to your address. If bins are damaged and are unusable, they are repaired free of charge to the household. Please report damaged bins to Public Works via the GoBangor app/service request, or by calling 207-992-4500.