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Cemetery Rules & Regulations

It is the desire of the City to make the Bangor Municipal Cemeteries a quiet, beautiful resting place for the dead where a sense of repose will be obtained by dignified landscape effects on a well-maintained lawn. To secure these effects, the City has spent and will continue to expend considerable sums of money. Preserving these effects will require the cooperation of every lot owner. Anything which would mar the general beauty and harmony of the cemeteries must be avoided. Peace and good order must prevail, and the sacredness of the place must be maintained at all times. It is to this end that these rules and regulations have been made effective, and the suggestions as contained herein are offered.


Scheduling of burials/interments should ONLY be done with the Cemetery Sexton by calling 207-992-4509. If, after you speak with the Sexton you need a written confirmation of the appointment, we will send you one. Please do not attempt to schedule a burial/interment via e-mail or through any of the City's digital platforms. 

Section 1: Purchase of Lots

Persons desiring to purchase a lot in the cemeteries are referred to the Cemetery Superintendent. The Superintendent will have available suitable plots showing size and price of lots,...

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Section 2: Ownership and Title of Lots

2.1 The term "Lot Owner" or "Ownership" shall be construed to mean the rights to use a lot or part of a lot, as purchased from the City for a consideration for...

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Section 3: Care of Lots

3.1 All cemetery lots in the Bangor Municipal Cemeteries may be provided with perpetual or endowed care. Council Order No. 80K makes these rules and regulations effective and...

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Section 3.5: Upcoming Work

The past years have been a very busy time in the city cemeteries. The security fence and gate project at Maple Grove has been completed. We are pleased to announce that ...

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Section 4: Privileges & Restrictions

4.1 Each lot in the cemetery will, prior to its sale, be suitably marked by the City with an iron or concrete post, placed on each lot corner and set level with the adjacent ground....

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Section 5: Rules for Visitors

5.1 The cemeteries will be open to visitors at all times between the hours of 7:00 AM and sunset. 5.2 Children under fourteen years of age will be admitted only when accompanied...

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Section 6: Interments

6.1 All interments in lots shall be restricted to members of the family. If there is any doubt regarding the relationship of the deceased to the family who owns the lot, a copy...

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Section 7: Removals

7.1 Removal of bodies from graves in the Cemeteries will only be made by the City in accordance with the requirements of the Statutes of the state. Charges made by the City for...

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Section 8: Stone & Monumental Work

8.1 All stone and monumental work shall be subject to the following regulations and requirements. 8.2 All memorial foundations shall be placed on solid ground not included in...

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Section 9: Vaults & Mausoleums

9.1 Vaults and mausoleums may be placed only on such lots as may be set aside or designated by the City for such structures. All applications for permits to erect such structures ...

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Section 10: Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

10.1 All general maintenance in the Cemeteries will normally be done by the City but lot owners may feel free at any time to consult with the Superintendent regarding ...

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Section 11: Fees, Charges and Payments

11.1 The payment of all fees and charges shall be made at the office of the City Treasurer in the City Hall or to the Cemetery Superintendent, where receipts will be issued for all...

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