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Safety Improvements at Broadway, Earle Avenue, and I-95 Ramp

An informational meeting was held in Council Chambers at City Hall on September 27, 2018 at 6:00pm to discuss safety concerns on a portion of Broadway (Route 15) from the intersection of Center Street and the I-95 Northbound ramps to the intersection of Broadway and the I-95 Southbound ramps.

This section of Broadway was identified within the 2015 Broadway Corridor Study (see below) as experiencing a higher-than-average number of accidents and heavy congestion during weekday commuting periods. The Maine Department of Transportation has funded a project to further evaluate this portion of Broadway and design safety improvements to address the high number of crashes and vehicle congestion on this segment of Broadway. The City of Bangor selected Gorrill Palmer Consulting Engineers, Inc. to provide traffic evaluation and design services for this project. This was the second public meeting for this project.

The purpose of this meeting was to review proposed conceptual safety improvement plans with the public and address any questions and concerns they may have. Representatives of the City of Bangor Engineering Department and engineers from Gorrill Palmer were present at the meeting. You can watch video of the meeting here.

If you have any questions or would like further information concerning this project, please feel free to contact John Theriault, Bangor City Engineer, at (207) 992-4249.

Broadway Safety Improvements Presentation (9/27/2018)

Bangor Hearing Plan 1

Bangor Hearing Plan 2

Bangor Hearing Plan Ramp

Broadway Traffic Evaluation

September 27, 2018 Public Meeting


Waste Options Post 2018

Waste Options Comparison

PERC / Fiberight Financial Comparison

PERC - Frequently Asked Questions

February 29, 2016 Special City Council Meeting Agenda

Video - February 23, 2016 City Council Workshop - Waste Options Discussion

Video - February 29, 2016 Special City Council Meeting


Broadway Corridor Study

The objective of the Broadway Corridor Study is to develop a Traffic System Management Plan to ensure that the following will allow Broadway to operate at an acceptable level of service through 2025:

(1) Preserve existing roadway capacity over the long term to facilitate through traffic movements and minimize congestion, while at the same time providing safe vehicular access to new and existing developments along Broadway; and

(2) Maintain the functional integrity and safety of the corridor, while accommodating the public and private needs for access to adjacent land parcels.  In developing the plan, the consultant will utilize accepted engineering standards to address such items as:

  • The frequency and spacing of intersecting streets and private driveways;
  • The location, spacing, timing and coordination (for progressive two-way traffic flow) of existing and future traffic signals; the location and design of turning lanes;
  • Channelization, or other turning movement controls;
  • Identification of current levels of service and development of access management standards (which may include minimum sight distance requirements, corner clearance requirements, separation standards, etc)

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Additional Project Documents

Project Schedule

11/20/14 Meeting Minutes

12/11/14 Public Meeting Presentation (PDF of Powerpoint)

12/11/14 Public Meeting Notes

01/22/15 Meeting Minutes

Broadway Corridor Study: Existing Transportation Conditions

Bangor Business Owners Open House Meeting Notes (02/12/15)

03-26-15 Presentation (part I)

03-26-15 Presentation (part II)

03-26-15 Public Meeting Notes

04-16-15 Public Meeting Presentation


Odlin Road Pump Station Project

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Exit 187 & Hogan Road Intersection Improvements / Diverging Diamond

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Bangor Waterfront Park and Performance Pavilion Master Plan Study

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